Stage 1 Bad Bills

Last Update: 01/20/21

Stage 1 lists all bill requests. Many will become bills, and move to Stage 2.





Bill Draft #SponsorTitle
LC1019 Thane Generally revise school laws related to compulsory attendance



Bill Draft #SponsorTitle
LC1293 Stafman Create a Constitutional right to vote and have your vote counted
LC2994 Sands Study enrichment and educational opportunities for children ages 0-3
LC3019 Windy Boy Pursue the elimination of the national electoral college vote

Social Issues 


Bill Draft #SponsorTitle
LC1291 Stafman Abolish death penalty



Bill Draft #SponsorTitle
LC1064 Fern Local option sales tax
LC1278 Bennett Provide that state pays postage for absentee ballot return

Bills to Watch (Some Good / Some Bad) 


Bill Draft #SponsorTitle
LC1551 McGillvray Resolution for Article V US constitution convention of states
LC2219 Sheldon-GallowaGenerally revise laws related to late-term abortions
LC2970 Hill Prohibit sanctuary cities in Montana
LC3047 Regier Withdraw the state from the CSKT-Montana water compact
LC3068 Dunwell Resolution that white supremist neo-nazi violence is domestic terrorism