Stage 1 Bad Bills

Last Update: 05/08/23

Stage 1 lists a few of the bill requests. Many will become bills, and move to Stage 2.





Bill Draft #SponsorTitle
LC1488 Stafman Codify abortion access
LC4545 Bishop Provide for third gender markers on state issue ID

Social Issues 


Bill Draft #SponsorTitle
LC1578 Stafman Abolish death penalty
LC3728 Flowers Prohibit discrimination based on sex orientation or gender identity
LC4129 Bishop Require state recognition of LGBTQ history and historical figures
LC4130 Bishop Generally revise LGBTQ+ laws
LC4132 Bishop Provide for LGBTQ-related diversity training
LC4134 Bishop Require insurance coverage for all gender-affirming care
LC4563 Z Provide for children and students' bill of rights

Good Bills to Watch 


Bill Draft #SponsorTitle
LC0828 Regier Prohibit transgender surgery on minors
LC1118 Carlson Protect children from pornography at school
LC1124 Carlson Establish that an infant born alive is a person