Dead Bad Bills

Last Update: 05/08/23

This Stage lists some featured bills that have either been killed in committee or on the Floor of the House or Senate. (OR if the bill number is missing - the bill request was cancelled soon after requested)





Bill #SponsorHearingTitle
SB315 Dunwell N/A Provide for comprehensive sex, gender, and sexuality education in schools



Bill #SponsorHearingTitle
HB471 Stafman N/A Establish religious rights for reproductive health care
SB566 Hertz N/A Require top two primary for U.S. Senate races



Bill #SponsorHearingTitle
HB540 Hopkins N/A Eliminate certain gender/sex requirements for party committee representativ
HB547 Cohenour N/A Provide penalties for selling data/images from trail cams on public land
HB756 Stafman N/A Provide for automatic voter registration with opt out
HJ5 Moore N/A Resolution for congressional term limits (Art V COS)
SB211 McGillvray N/A Article V convention commissioner selection and credentialing act
SB333 Hertz N/A Create offense of trespass by unmanned aerial vehicle
SJ2 McGillvray N/A Resolution for Article V US constitution convention of states

Social Issues 


Bill #SponsorHearingTitle
HB432 Bishop N/A Codify abortion access
HB570 Marler N/A Provide civil penalty for interfering with abortion access
SB141 Morigeau N/A Establishing Indigenous People's Day
SB437 Gross N/A Establish the Montana Reproductive Health Act



Bill #SponsorHearingTitle
SB370 Fitzpatrick N/A Generally revise uniform commercial code

Good Bills to Watch 


Bill #SponsorHearingTitle
HB837 J Hinkle N/A Require curriculum transparency in K-12 education
SB337 Manzella N/A Establish the Families Rights and Responsibilities Act