Dead Bad Bills

Last Update: 03/08/21

This Stage lists bills that have either been killed in committee or on the Floor of the House or Senate. (OR if the bill number is missing - the bill request was cancelled soon after requested)





Bill #SponsorHearingTitle
HB109 Smith N/A Seatbelt violation as a primary offense



Bill #SponsorHearingTitle
HB441 Kortum N/A Revise age reqirements for election judges
HJ13 McGillvray N/A Resolution for Article V US constitution convention of states
SB241 Pomnichowski N/A Requiring refund of residential lease application fees
SJ2 McGillvray N/A Resolution for limited US Constitutional Convention on elections

Social Issues 


Bill #SponsorHearingTitle
HB335 Stafman N/A Abolish death penalty
SB146 Morigeau N/A Establishing Indigenous People's Day
SB94 Webber N/A Establishing Indigenous People's Day



Bill #SponsorHearingTitle
HB187 Fern N/A Local option sales tax
HB287 Bennett N/A Provide that state pays postage for absentee ballot return

Bills to Watch (Some Good / Some Bad) 


Bill #SponsorHearingTitle
HJ11 Mitchell N/A Resolution designating ANTIFA as domestic terrorism in MT
HJ12 Dunwell N/A Resolution that white supremist neo-nazi violence is domestic terrorism